School Violence is Not to Be Taken Lightly

 ... Letter: Importance of Extracurricular Activities | Radical ParentingThe recent mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado once again highlighted the dangers caused by those individuals who wish to take their frustrations out on innocent bystanders. While the Aurora massacre did not take place at a school, it still recalled to the mind the Virginia Tech and Columbine shootings of years past. I think we all know that there will likely be another school massacre at some point in the future. What is shocking is that many people with children don’t take the time and effort to learn about what causes such incidents and, more importantly, how to avoid them. Even if you and your children can’t avoid them, there are ways to learn how to respond in such a crisis as well as how to recognize a potential shooter before they start killing kids. Time after time we have learned that these incidents could have been avoided beforehand if a perceptive individual went to the police with what they knew about the shooter.

When my children marched off to school for the first time, I went back into the house and did a search on the Internet about school violence. Continue reading


Reducing Violence in Schools for a More Beautiful Environment

Will B.C. teachers drop extracurricular activities? | Vancouver SunWhen you go to school, you are supposed to focus on learning and your extracurricular activities to make you a better person and build the overall confidence that you have. Sometimes, you may get caught up in personal drama which can yield a lot of tension between people that are either your friends or who you consider to be your enemies. This can ultimately lead to violence, which has no place for the classroom or anywhere in life.

One of the best things that schools can install is a level of peer mediation to counsel the kids in school who are having trouble staying away from fighting. In this group, the kids or young adults who are having difficulties with each other can talk things out until there is a compromise or agreement. Continue reading