I had to laugh at my horoscope for this morning:

“You’ve got to take care of your bills or whatever other financial issues are pressing, but you can’t just throw money at the problem. Get organized and create something sustainable.”

We’re STILL trying to have a month where we start with a fully planned and discussed zero-based budget, in advance, then stick with it on all line items through the whole month. We’re still trying to figure out how to boost income, cut costs, and carry the farm forward into fully optimized production. Some days it seems like we aren’t making much progress, and there’s still the ever-present reminders that friends and family are still living with borrow-now-pay-later philosophies. And we’re STILL trying to figure out how to buy a combine, that particular item proving to be a very elusive quarry.Yet, somehow this weekend we felt like we made progress on all fronts. It also occurred to me this weekend that we haven’t had a major financial blowup in months around here. Just more and more instances of good constructive conversations about how best to manage what we do have. We’ve focused for years on sustainable agriculture, so I suppose it was only natural that after DR, we’d start to really focus on sustainable household/business economics. And we’re wrapping our brains around ‘when’ we’ll be debt-free, rather than it feeling like a fantasy. I can work with that.