More great utility news:

Gas (heating, hot water) dropped from $68 to $32 this month (20% discount, washing in cold water only)
Cell phone went from $188 to $153 last month when we changed service, to $73 this month where it should stay. That’s huge.
on top of electric which went from $123 to $62.
So that’s $212 I DON’T have to come up with this month or hopefully going forward.
WOW. Grateful for small blessings.

We are having nice weather in Washington

So I listed my Alfa Romeo on Craigslist hoping a cheap convertible will sell quickly. I went to show it to a potential buyer on Friday and the Fuel Pump went out. So $500 later I have it back from the mechanic and am ready to sell it again. The money that I get from the sale will wipe out the last of my fast payday loans. So excited for my Debt Free scream!
I was talking to a family member who was thinking of changing to a more expensive hairdresser. This family member is in need of FPU but hasn’t made that leap for themselves. After talking to them for awhile I realized that living on a budget is starting to feel normal since starting on October 1st. My son and I feel like we’ve splurged if we go to a matinee. Our excitement is coming in $10 under budget at the grocery store and using that money to treat ourselves to frozen yogurt on the way home.
It’s nice having a new “normal” where I feel like I’m in control of my income rather than wondering where it all went.

So many productive things accomplished this weekend!

1. Took out grocery/dining/gas money in cash – $240

2. Made grocery list and planned all 21 meals plus snacks for the week.

3. Budgeted that the groceries would cost aprox $125 – bill came to $114!!!!

4. Filled up gas for car in cash – $50

5. Paid for Cinco de Mayo drinks/apps in cash! – $47

6. Still have $30 leftover for misc food/kid stuff (just in case)

7. Had a budget committee meeting with DH. Very productive and the first in a very, very long time.

8. Planned week’s worth of expenses and funded checking account.

9. Found $178 in a savings account labeled Replace Furniture and paid off couch! $240 It will feel much more comfy tonight.