Last night was a little fun here in ne OK-NOT!

First of all let me say we are fine, just got internet back on and still no cell service, but here’s how it went.
Around here we head for bed between 8:30 and 9 pm because the two men have to get up at 4:30 am to go to work. Me I sometimes stay up a little later, but that was not the plan last night. I was tired and I wanted an early bedtime. It was not to be.
First of all we could not find Felicity Elizabeth (aka: Lizzie Borden) our little calico cat. The three of us looked for that furball for over two hours, inside and out. The lightening was starting and so was the rain by the time ds finally found her hiding in a dark corner of the office (which she’s not allowed in) under a small cloth covered table. I think she knew what was coming.
So about 11 we said good night and went to bed. Sleep had just settled in good when the phones all started shrieking at high pitch. We have NOAA weather alert aps on our phones because tornadoes often hit after bedtime in this area. Only nothing was really going on outside. So while dh started unplugging all the electrical components in this house—a big job with his love of electronics. I tried to watch local weather, the optional word here is tried. We are on satellite and well, the picture wasn’t coming in so good.
Ds opted to stay upstairs to try to get some sleep until, as he put it “the Mama alarm goes off” referring to my self preservation instinct where tornadoes are concerned kicks in. When there is one within 10 miles of us I start physically shaking.
I went ahead and got dressed, just in case, dh (and apparently I later learned ds) preferred to “wait and see”. As we watched the weather reports that kept saying it was going to miss us I lounged on the bed until all the sudden I couldn’t stop shaking.
I told dh to call ds and tell him to get to the basement NOW! Within seconds we could hear the roar of the winds coming across the pastures. I heard tree limbs cracking, and what sounded like a whole tree coming down as I fled the bedroom toward the basement.
Dh made a grab for the younger cats, but they scooted under the water bed where he couldn’t reach them.
Ds was at the basement stairs as I stepped out of our bedroom door—which is right at the basement door. How he got down there that fast I’m not certain. But he was there calling all the cats to join us. All the animals were already hiding under furniture, so none joined us.
All three phones were screaming at top volume again. Ds and I bolted down the stairs, but dh didn’t join us for what seemed like an eternity. He’d stopped to get dressed—we won’t go into what I had to say about that! That’s when we realized ds was standing there in a t-shirt, his underwear and a pair of black slip on shoes only. We NEVER see him in that state of undress, he is very modest. To quote his facebook post this morning” when limbs and hail are hitting your window and your phone is telling you to kiss your ass goodbye you are NOT going to take time out to look for pants.”
We stayed in the basement until well after midnight. Even after the winds died down, we stayed the guys watching me closely. Suddenly the shivering stopped and I called all clear. Then it was upstairs and to bed, after a quick look around to see if we could see any damage without going out into the 4” downpour that was coming down. It was too dark to see a thing.
The guys had to move numerous large branches off the ½ mile long driveway to leave this morning, but as far as they could see in the pre-dawn hours we had sustained no major damage.
Once the sun was up good I bundled up and went to do a walk around, Phone in hand to send the guys photos of any damage. That’s when I discovered I had no cell service. Mainly just downed branches, nothing to really get upset about. All the animals, except the peacock are accounted for and I think she’s on her roof nest where she was pretty sheltered last night, but since it was 80 degrees yesterday and is currently only 43 she won’t leave her infertile eggs (I gotta get that girl a man) for anything.
That is when I found my bright spot of the day in this all. Remember that tree we’ve been really worried about how to get down because there was no good way to fell it without someone getting hurt? The two guys had tied off the top of it one day to hopefully pull it away from the house, pool, and bird pens if it came down on its own. Well the top of it did and it fell EXACTLY where we wanted it to, well not exactly we are now minus a wooden yard bench—but it needed new wood for the seat anyway. The tree is now a straight trunk about 8 foot above the 5 foot fork of the tree and entirely manageable to take down without dropping it on one of the guys. Thank you Lord!
I still have no cell service, but I got my internet back, so life is good.