Scary stuff

I’m glad your family is alright and that your property seems to have made it through without extensive damage. We’ve been getting some storms, but certainly not like you have. I wish the rain would wash the snow away. I’m ready to work in the yard. I’d love to have an 80 degree day, but that would be a little freaky for us at this time of the year.

I went back just now and re-read the article in Wikipedia about the Beirut bombing

It had been years since I’d really thought about it. And dontchaknow I was right back in that little living room, watching every scrap of news on the TV about the recovery work being done, seeing all the people just sort of milling around, waiting for the news, and then the knock at the door. I can still remember where I was standing, and I could see the two State Department officials standing there. And in that article they showed then-President Reagan walking solemnly past the coffins as they were prepped and draped with American flags, getting ready for their last trip home. I wondered which of those coffins was hers. Horrible day, and even now it still hurts.

Back then there wasn’t a lot of recognition about the need for, and availability of, support groups and counseling and such. Is your son making use of any such support now? My cousin served two tours in Iraq as an interpreter and came home a lot different than when she went over. She expressed a need for, and appreciation for, time spent with others who had been there. I can only hope that everyone who wants or needs such support, is getting it.