Many, many years ago we were disqualified for a mortgage

due to a “bankruptcy” under our names, only it wasn’t us. The other couple had very similar names, but not identical—the man’s middle initial was different and her first name was Janice. Jan is my middle name and my first name has an unusual spelling. Social Security numbers are no where near the same. We lived in Tulsa, they lived in Bristow, but they did bank where we banked—also where I worked!
Even scarier she came into the bank one day and she was wearing a winter coat identical to mine and her child was the same age as mine! She and her husband had taken to signing their checks using dh’s middle initial instead of her husband’s middle initial and for some reason it started over drawing OUR account. I nearly lost my job over it UNTIL she showed up at the bank to try and withdraw money from OUR account. The bank and it’s lawyers stepped in and the problem disappeared!
Then around 2000 I started getting phone calls from an auto finance company threatening to garnish his pay check for a truck he never purchased. The calls etc kept on even when I told them dh had never purchased that brand of vehicle, that he had never lived at the address they said etc. They called and harassed, sent letters of intent to garnish etc. Finally I demanded (they were calling ME not ds) the name and social security number of the person they were looking for. The name was the spend, but spelled different and they wouldn’t give me the social security number. Finally I said, the last four of the person you are calling are:####.
The muffled—sorry wrong person was barely audible and they didn’t call again for six months. Then it started again. The second time I told them if they called again we’d be suing them for fraud. That was about 13 years ago, never heard from them since then.